Fitness Redefined

The 12WCC takes outdoor training to a whole new level.

+ Diet guidelines
+ Weekly programs
+ Custom online training app

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What's included in 12WCC?

It's here again!! And this time it's been seriously beefed up!! So what makes it so special? The launch of our all new 12WCC custom online app. We are REDEFINING FITNESS!

Introductory corporate
fitness seminar.

A 45 minute presentation on the importance of successful goal setting for your health and fitness in the corporate world.

Week zero - weigh in
and registration week.

We come to you to register your body composition. This is where you will get the first look of the new 12WCC app as you register online with your own username and password.

weeks 1-12 - outdoor training
and assessments.

Open to all fitness levels. Our highly trained PT's will look after you, making you feel part of the team. Most of all, making it fun!

Week 6 - all new mid
training weigh in week!

We now weigh in at the half way point. This helps keep you on track!

Week 13 - final weigh in
and awards presentation.

This is the wrap up week where we award and pay special mention to the top 3 men and women from the 12WCC.

All new diet and
training advice!

You now also have access to weekly dietary tips as well as your own take home program outlines that are published on the custom online app each week.

Unlimited access to sessions

Remember, the more work colleagues that join, the more sessions you have unlimited access to! SO spread the word! 35+ participants gets you 6 group training sessions per week. And the best part... You decide when those sessions take place!

Our Vision

Exercising through the day to increase productivity at your desk. To provide practical education about healthy living habits. To minimise sick days. To improve ‘what you eat at work’ and provide education on health and nutrition. To monitor and reward personal health and fitness goals. Celebrating success. The 12 Week Corporate Challenge is designed to encourage all fitness levels to get outside and take part. Our mantra... "GETTING BUMS OFF SEATS”

what's the cost

  • 12 Week Corporate Challenge packages from $25 weekly per person
  • Small group packages (under 20 participants) from $40 weekly per person
  • Personal training packages on request
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    Proven Results

    Past results show us:

    93% reported increased productivity
    93% reported increased sense of community
    68% of participants gained strength
    58% lost weight
    100% felt happier after completing the workout



    "I really enjoyed this program. I got to bond with coworkers I wouldn't have normally met and got fit along the way"

    "The trainers were very encouraging and taught us it was about mind over matter."

    "An excellent program to improve health, well-being and productivity in the work place."

    How do I get involved?

    Contact John Field to organise a free consultation to discuss how your company can benefit from the 12WCC. Once registered, you'll receive an Email letting you know when a member of the Field Goals Fitness team will be at your office to take your Body Composition results. Then the training begins!

    John Field

    Director and Owner of 12WCC

    Starting out as an aerobics instructor in 1993, then opening my own Personal Training business in 2009, the health and fitness industry has always been a cornerstone to my way of life. Updating the business name from Field Goals Personal Training to Field Goals Fitness, I began to realise my passion was more about encouraging movement for the everyday person, focusing on their life goals from weight loss to increased strength, speed and cardio endurance. I now operate throughout Australia with the launch of my 12 Week Corporate Challenge app as well as running my team event The Urban Dash, throughout Sydney and Melbourne.