Spring Launch

Sydney Spring launch

Starts in North Sydney 11th of September.


The 12WCC takes outdoor training to a whole new level. Our individualised exercise programs led by our top trainers combined with our unique online tracking site is proven to deliver results to all fitness levels. 12WCC's custom software allows participants to view their ongoing fitness assessments and encourages community within the workplace resulting in increased adherence, morale, fitness and synergy throughout the company!

No ordinary bootcamp - this is Fitness Redefined!

It's here again!! And this time it's been seriously beefed up!! So what makes it so special? The launch of our all new 12WCC custom online app. We are REDEFINING FITNESS!
  • Individualised exercise programs led by our top trainers all over Australia
  • Weekly nutrition guide and recipes
  • Custom software​ allowing you to view your ongoing ​fitness assessments and achievements - tailored to your fitness level
  • Unlimited access to 4 outdoor group sessions each week
  • Your very own 12WCC muscle T or singlet
  • Your personalised MyZone chest strap (valued at $189)
  • And... prizes at the end of each 12WCC!!!!

All for $350.00

The 12 week program begins on Monday 11 September 2017. Initial assessments will be conducted the week prior, beginning Monday 4 September.

Training Times

Monday: 12.15pm
Tuesday: 6.30am
Wednesday: 12.15pm
Thursday: 6.30am

Meeting point

Foyer of Fitness First Elizabeth Plaza
(members and non members welcome)

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